Peak performance coaching to help you expand your capacity to thrive.

Want laser focus, increased productivity, enhanced creativity, supportive habits and your best version to show up every day? Through dialogue, coaching and the use of scientifically validated techniques and tools, Thrive Capacity will help you achieve your optimal flow state and produce more deep work.

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How do you tap into the infinite potential you know you have within?

Everyone dreams of living beautiful and fulfilling lives full of growth, development and connection but too often we get in our way. Be it our inner critic, fear or just being plain old stuck. Thrive Capacity is an organisation designed to help people sharpen their focus and get out of their own way by tapping into their highest potential. Our approach is built on a solid foundation of validated strategies backed by the latest research in neuroscience, flow and positive psychology. We are your helping hand on the path to achieving what you deeply desire.

Our Services

Personal Coaching

We provide 1:1 or small group coaching that analyses your current performance and highlights areas to work on or double down on. Each session will provide you with practical strategies to apply in your daily life in line with your personal goals. Weekly or fortnightly calls help keep you on track and hold you to account.


We deliver bespoke workshops on mastering focus, increasing productivity, designing your life for optimal performance and building habits that serve your greater good.

Organisational development

We help businesses, organisations and teams shift culture through dialogue, coaching and education. Through ongoing partnerships, we help organisations do the work to help support their greatest asset - their human capital.

Coaching and Workshop Content

Mastering Focus

Sharpening your clarity and capacity to attend

Increasing Productivity

Strategies that work to increase your quality and quantity of output

Peak Performance

Drop into your ‘flow state’ and into your highest potential

Building supportive habits

Learning to express your highest version everyday through habit

Stories & strategies

Growth and development

The five minute battle you need to win.

I rise at 4:28am. With bleary eyes I turn off my alarm. In a house with two kids under seven and a light sleeping wife, a silent haptic alarm is the only way I can wake this early without waking the house up. I lay in bed still slightly comatose, blinking my eyes rapidly in a bid to wake myself…
June 4, 2018
FlowHealth and Wellbeing

Mindful moments: Be present in the present.

Header image source: We live busy lives these days. Move from meeting to meeting, from class to class, from task to task, from home to work to home where we work again. We are more connected than ever. Tapped into endless resources, non-stop communication, 24/7 schedules and neverending to-do lists. Our phones are usually the gateway to this world.…
Steve Brophy
November 9, 2017

Steve Brophy

Founder of Thrive Capacity

Steve is an award-winning educator, leader, and coach who lives to learn, grow and share. He is incredibly passionate about flow, focus, productivity, well-being and peak performance. Why? Because everyone is extraordinary. Sometimes we just need a little help getting out of our own way. Steve is dedicated to the mission of helping others discover the inner extraordinary they know they have within themselves.





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